Anti-age cream

Anti-age cream

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Treatment against the signs of time

With Green Tea Poliphenols, Sericine (Silk proteins), Elastine, Ialuronic acid and Vitamin E. It is a regulating factor of cell respiration because it helps cutaneous oxygenation by stimulating cell activity. It also possesses an anti-oxidizing action (Vitamin E) since it blocks the free radicals deriving from the phenomenal per-oxidation of the membranous lipids, biochemical cause of many physiological phenomena, like the aging of the tissues. The synergy of Green Tea together with Elastine and Ialuronic acid ensures the efficiency of the product and maintains the natural elasticity and flexibility of the skin. One obtains thus: distension of the actual wrinkles, an efficacious preventive action against wrinkles; the skin toned, nourished and elastic; and with a healthy, luminous and aesthetic look. The Sericine (new silk proteins) gives a very special smoothing to the skin.

METHOD: Day or night cream for all skin types.

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Thick Emulsion anionic 0/A type hydro-soluble.

PRESERVATIVE: As per CEE instructions.

PERFUME: Compound aroma tested.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Green Tea Poliphenols, Sericine (Silk proteins), Elastine, Ialuronic acid and Vitamin E.

EXCIPIENTS: Substances of a sebum-like composition with sebum-regulating action, with high level of penetration.

PACKAGING: 50-ml. jar

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