At the Mouth of Arno River

At the Mouth of Arno River

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The Apuan Alps on a cold, clear day in late winter, framing the Retone on stilts trying to challenge the waves of the sea, the kingdom of fishermen and seagulls.

Fine Art print on Canvas available in 2 sizes:

M: 40 x 60 cm (15.74 x 23.62 in)

L: 90 x 60 cm (35.43 x 23.62 in)

Michele Rosellini is a photographer born in Pisa in 1964. He has a natural interest in the image that tries to capture in all its forms. Its motion is "To communicate emotions through visual art is a mission." In fact, his way of working is trying to follow and even anticipate changes in communication and the study of the image. With his vivacious, eclectic and creative personality, he has achieved various professional experiences that have enriched over the years the content of his work. Artist to 360 degrees, combining tradition with the techniques of photo printing and art post-production, Michael Rosellini tends to enhance the reality of what he photographs. His works reveal the magic of sunsets, sea, landscapes and more. It 'a staunch supporter of the anaglyph technique, specializing in 3D photography and video in 3D.

Fascinated by "Fine Art" photography, he creates works with a great sense of style and technique come together in a unique and original photography. Fine Art photographs are the result of a particular search of framing with a unique photographic technique, and narrates the lights, shadows, colors and emotions different from a traditional shot. A professional digital SLR camera, lenses of the first order, a non-traditional shooting system, and a dedicated digital process, are the tools used to fix in the picture what the eye sees but also what the eye wants to transmit.

The photos are asking to be admired, to be carefully looked at, to be examined and then chosen to be framed.

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