Hair Treatment

  • 18.40

    Hair lotion

    Hair lotion Revitalizing, cleansing, refreshing. Helps to slow down the formation of grease or dandruff. Packaging 150 ml.
  • 17.00

    Gelcream Hair Strengthner

    Gelcream Hair Strengthner Cosmetic Description: the collagen proteins develop a strengthening action to the hair and the castor oil nourishes and softens, especially in the case of weak, dry or dull hair. Method: after shampooing apply to damp or nearly...
  • 16.10

    Protective Oil For Hair With Sun Filter

    Protective Oil For Hair With Sun Filter This is a protective treatment for hair and for the sensitive parts exposed to sun, wind, saltwater and the chlorine of the swimming pools. The excipients and the UV filter protect the hair, strengthening their natural defenses...
  • 13.80

    Vitaminic Shampoo

    Vitaminic Shampoo Cosmetic Description: Rich in With Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Nettle, Capsicum. Clean gently and stimulates the hair. The very delicate surface activity, which completes the formula of this shampoo even, permits daily washing. Meth...
  • 46.00

    Hair treatment in phials

    Hair treatment in phials Cosmetic Description: Due to the high concentration of Keratin and Placenta this solution is an efficient remedy for weak hair and in preventing hair loss. The application of the phials, together with a scalp massage, helps the...
  • 13.80

    Fortifying shampoo

    Fortifying shampoo Cosmetic Description: Solubilized Keratin strengthens damaged hair from external agents or from organic changes by leaving deposits on the weakened fibre. It restructures right from the first application forming a protective me...
  • 13.80

    Spigo Toscano lavander - hair treatment

    Spigo Toscano lavander - hair treatment Description: Eutrophic stimulant. With wheat proteins. It replaces shampoo, balm, frictions. It strenghens the keratinic structure of the hair by stimulating, moisturizing and euthrophic action on the scalp Packa...
  • 13.80

    shamp oil with Ginkgo Biloba

    shamp oil with Ginkgo Biloba SHAMP�OIL with GINKGO BILOBA Cosmetic Description: Thanks to a special formula Shamp'oil washes hair by affinity and not by contrast. By exploiting the mechanical action of the water to remove impurities and us...
  • 18.40

    volume and shine hair treatment

    volume and shine hair treatment COSMETIC DESCRIPTION: This special formula contains hydrolysed protein from Keratin and Natural Silk, which, by attaching itself to the hair fibre corrects and modifies the external structure and makes the hair more compact and...
  • 13.80

    Anti-dandruff shampoo

    Anti-dandruff shampoo Cosmetic Description: With Piroctone Olamina. Has an effect against dry or greasy dandruff without damaging the hair. This is a shampoo realized in order to combat dandruff and seborrhoea. The association of Piroctone Olamina w...
  • 17.25

    Hair balsam conditioner

    Hair balsam conditioner Cosmetic Description: the balsam-cream performs a tonifying action because of vegetable extracts and a restructuring action due to the presence of cationic substances which permit easy combing and bring softness to the hair, ta...
  • 13.80

    Shampoo-Shower bath soap for children

    Shampoo-Shower bath soap for children Description: Eutrophic stimulant. With Camomile. Cleanse sweet and leaves a velvet sensation on the skin. Revitalizing for all kind of skin. Foaming cleanser, very delicate, for daily use. Without alkalises or soap, cleanses de... and are registered trademark by Weekend a Firenze Srl - Italian Chamber of Commerce permit n. 0469879 - Corporation Stock € 61.200,00 - Copyright © 1995 - 2017 by Weekend a Firenze ® s.r.l. - Via Pistoiese 132, 59100 Prato (ITALY) - Fax +39-0574-401744 - p. IVA 02180560480 - All rights reserved - Information

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