Face Treatment

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    Gelsivo skin renewal

    Gelsivo skin renewal This treatment increase cell regeneration by a constant, regular and delicate exfoliation of the upper layers of the epidermis, lighten the face and give a uniform colour to the skin, purify greasy skins and help to prevent the...
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    Anti-age cream

    Anti-age cream Treatment against the signs of time COSMETIC DESCRIPTION: With Green Tea Poliphenols, Sericine (Silk proteins), Elastine, Ialuronic acid and Vitamin E. It is a regulating factor of cell respiration becaus...
  • 20.70

    Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba Oil Oil is obtained from the seeds of “Buxus Chinensis” by using the "Cold pressure" method, and from this a wax liquid is obtained, rich in polyunsaturated acids. It is a very stable substance, does not oxidi...
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    Cleansing Mask with Clay

    Cleansing Mask with Clay The purifying action of clay has been noted since ancient times. To balance the astringent effect keratoplast has been added a stimulating substance, which helps epithelial and cell renewal. This cleansing mask is particularly ...
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    Cream with Vitamin F

    Cream with Vitamin F Linoleic and Linolenic acids are the principal constituents of our organism’s regulation. They are called “Vitamin F”. The main activity of Vitamin F is the ant oxidation of our tissues structure. This cream c...
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    Cream with Vitamin C

    Cream with Vitamin C Vitamin C, present in a protected form (Mg Ascorbil phosphate), is gradually released and provides an anti-age and anti-free radicals action all through the day. Ialuronic Acid (physiological constituent of the skin) performs a...
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    Cream with Vitamin E

    Cream with Vitamin E Acetated Vitamin E is endowed with an "anti-ageing" action because, having an anti-oxidizing nature, it blocks the free radicals responsible for deterioration, photo-sensitisation, and therefore, of the ageing of the ...
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    Couperose Cream

    Couperose Cream Glycolic Extracts from Horse Chestnut, Hamamelis and Cucumber, rich in astringent and lightening active principals, perform a decongestioning and rapid freshening action, when the capillaries, for various reasons, undergo viole...
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    Shea Butter

    Shea Butter In a liquid form. Hyper-moisturizing, give elasticity to your skin. 30-ml. medicine bottle with dropper
  • 48.30

    Revitalizing Fluid

    Revitalizing Fluid The highly moisturizing action of ialuronic acid consists in forming a light, moist layer on the cutaneous surface, taken from the humidity of the environment, and which assures a constant reserve for the epidermis. Dermonectin...
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    Essential day cream, multi-active and bio-moisturizing

    Essential day cream, multi-active and bio-moisturizing This cream has been formulated not only to enrich the skin with moisturizing factors over a length of time but also to integrate water into the skin by an immediate and specific manner. Vitamin E with it's anti-oxidizing action...
  • 36.80

    Firming cream for face and neck

    Firming cream for face and neck Cream rich with firming, nourishing and moisturizing elements. Elastine maintains the natural elasticity and flexibility of the skin. Jojoba oil and Karité butter (vegetable oils rich in mono-unsaturated acids) possess a...

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