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  • 20.00

    Wine Decanter

    Wine Decanter The perfect table accessory for everyday use! The thermal quality of terracotta allows wine to breathe, enhancing its flavor before serving. The Tuscan design of the decanter will impress your guests and liven up your table pre...
  • 12.00

    Jar with wooden cap

    Jar with wooden cap A nice and typical Tuscan jar with a wooden cap. It can be a very useful accessory in the kitchen as a container for salt, sugar or coffee in pantry, or even for biscuits, sweets and dried fruit freshness thanks to the cap. Fin...
  • 10.00

    Spaghetti Bowl

    Spaghetti Bowl Serve pasta at the table in this traditional Tuscan "ciotola" - it’s bound to be a big hit! When not in use, the bowl displays fresh fruit and vegetables in great style! Available in blue.
  • 22.00

    'Little Bird' Rounded Tray

    'Little Bird' Rounded Tray This terracotta tray will give a touch of Tuscany to your table. Hand-painted with higlhy coloured and beautiful designs, this tray is at the same time beautiful and practice…just what you need. Little Bird design. ...
  • 15.00

    'Olives' Pasta Bowl

    'Olives' Pasta Bowl Florentines use these simple terracotta bowls to serve a hot "minestra" (soup) or pasta, but you may also use them for displaying condiments, like olives or pickles, at the table. Their simple lines and cheerful color...
  • 12.00

    Spaghetti Jar

    Spaghetti Jar Spaghetti jar with cap, to keep spaghettis fresh. Available in white.
  • 20.00

    Cheese serving plate

    Cheese serving plate Serve a variety of cheeses Italian style with fresh fruit as an elegant after-dinner treat. This terracotta plate protects cheeses outside of the fridge before serving time. A lovely table item! Available in yellow. Dim...
  • 8.00

    'Little Bird' Tuscan Goblet

    'Little Bird' Tuscan Goblet  Immagine drinking the fresh water from one of the multiple fountains located in Tuscany while using this hand-painted terracotta glasses…the perfect way to make a virtual trip to our dreamland. Available in three d...
  • 12.00

    Coffee, Sugar or Tea Jars

    Coffee, Sugar or Tea Jars Useful kitchen jars to store coffee , tea and sp...
  • 17.00

    Sugar and Salt Set

    Sugar and Salt Set To brighten up your pantry. These jars are practical, beautiful and easy to use. You can also keep other foods such as lentils, pasta or rice. The exterior is hand painted and the interior is in natural terracott...
  • 18.00

    Water Jar

    Water Jar Water Jar that can contain up to 1.5 lt. Available in blue. Height: 23 cm.
  • 25.00

    Three Bowl Set

    Three Bowl Set A perfect gift. A charming set of 3 bowls handmade in 3 different sizes. They are hand-painted and the interior is in natural glazed terracotta. Products are quite deep and strong. Available in blue and green. br...
  • 20.00

    Jug for water

    Jug for water Also useful as a flower vase. This small jug for water is an accessory typical of the Tuscan table. It is hand-painted with traditional colors used for centuries in Tuscany for decorating everyday objects. Availa...
  • 12.00

    Flour Jar

    Flour Jar Jar with wooden cap to store flour. Available in blu and green white.
  • 15.00

    Salad bowl

    Salad bowl Salad bowl, available in blue, green or white.
  • 10.00

    Dishes Set

    Dishes Set To serve your dishes in Tuscan style. Set of 4 bowls. Florentines use these simple clay bowls to serve the dough, but may also be used to present the contours on the table. Their simple design with rich colors allows these prod...
  • 10.00

    Yellow Roses Creamer

    Yellow Roses Creamer This small jug for cream perfectly completes our Espresso Set...
  • 22.00

    Yellow Roses Espresso Set

    Yellow Roses Espresso Set Informal design . Set of 4 espresso coffee cups span class...
  • 6.50

    Yellow Roses Fruit Salad Bowl

    Yellow Roses Fruit Salad Bowl Hand made and painted. This salad bowl is decorated with yellow roses is hand painted and can be used as decoration or for fruit salad or ice cream on hot summer days.
  • 22.00

    Yellow Roses Set of Oil, Vinegar, Salt and Pepper

    Yellow Roses Set of Oil, Vinegar, Salt and Pepper All seasonings on a tray Tuscany. This set of oil, vi...
  • 30.00

    Terracotta Set of Dishes

    Terracotta Set of Dishes For a table cheerful. This set of 3 pieces includes ...
  • 18.00

    Yellow Roses Tea for Two

    Yellow Roses Tea for Two In brilliant Tuscan colors . Set of two cups and plates, span class="hp...
  • 25.00

    Yellos Roses Set of Salad big bowl and 6 little bowls

    Yellos Roses Set of Salad big bowl and 6 little bowls Add a touch of Tuscany to your desserts. This beautif...
  • 30.00

    Jug and cups

    Jug and cups Florentine majolica for the best wine . Use this nice set s...
  • 22.00

    Yellow Roses Set of Teapot for 6 and 2 Cups

    Yellow Roses Set of Teapot for 6 and 2 Cups English tea in Tuscan ceramics. This set includes two span class="hps"...
  • 30.00

    Tuscan Set of Dishes

    Tuscan Set of Dishes A timeless design . Were you thinking of ...
  • 8.50

    Yellow Roses Sugar Bowl

    Yellow Roses Sugar Bowl The perfect accessory for breakfast Natural fit for ...
  • 22.00

    Melina Set of Teapot and chipped tea cups

    Melina Set of Teapot and chipped tea cups Traditional Renaissance at your table Serve the tea in spa...
  • 20.00

    Madonna of the Goldfinch

    Madonna of the Goldfinch A detail from one of the tables of the most famous paintings by Raphael. The painting was made ​​in Florence in 1507 and this detail represents well the characteristic expression of serenity on the beautiful faces of the Fl...
  • 80.00

    Medium Convex Vase Apples Design

    Medium Convex Vase Apples Design A beautiful vase decorated entirely by hand with a floral design in the style of Tuscan ceramics and delicate colors. But to characterize the vessel is the shape: Slightly domed this vessel can accommodate beautiful bouquets of...
  • 20.00

    Photo Frame in Wood and Stone

    Photo Frame in Wood and Stone Photo frames that are real art works of the Florentine artisan tradition. Unique pieces made of wood and hand-painted with an ancient technique that uses colors obtained from ground stone. The result is a truly special marbled ... and are registered trademark by Weekend a Firenze Srl - Italian Chamber of Commerce permit n. 0469879 - Corporation Stock € 61.200,00 - Copyright © 1995 - 2017 by Weekend a Firenze ® s.r.l. - Via Pistoiese 132, 59100 Prato (ITALY) - Fax +39-0574-401744 - p. IVA 02180560480 - All rights reserved - Information

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