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Personal hygiene solution

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Cosmetic Solution: Foaming cleanser, very delicate. This for..

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Cosmetic Solution: Foaming cleanser, very delicate. This formula, lacking in alkalises and soap, cleanses delicately and protects the hydration without altering the natural balance of the mucous membrane and the skin. The Glycolic Extract from Common Mallow performs a soothing and calming action and refreshes the skin and the irritated mucous membrane. Lactic Acid ensures normal protection in the acidic zone of the skin. Method: For daily hygiene use undiluted or diluted in water. Technical description: Foaming Cleanser, Soap Non-Soap type. Preservative: As per CEE instructions. Perfume: Compound aroma tested. Active Ingredients: Glycolic Extract from Common Mallow (2:1) 1.5%, Lactic Acid. pH: 5,0.

Packaging: 250-ml. bottle

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