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A selection of the best Italian food products, declining for centuries the lifestyle of Mediterranean people. A real richness of our culture - not only for the unique taste of its food, but also for its contribution to health.

GMO free, high quality, natural and 100% Italian food. Highest quality, carefully selected products, result of a sustainable agricultural production, respectful for nature and its cycles, that does not take advantage of over-exploitation of natural resources.

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> Tagliatelle, 500gr (17.64oz), Ingredients: durum semolina, water.

The origins of pasta take us back to a very old age, to the places where its production began, where thanks to the dry climate and strong wind the pasta was dried by simply being exposed to air. From ancient times until today, the production of handmade Pasta evolved, but without ever abandoning its traditions and its original taste. Medeaterranean offers various sorts of handmade pasta, a product that is considered the core of the Italian Cuisine as well as an integral part of the life, art and culture of our country. If it is true that between food and art there is an elective affinity, we can be food artists too using the right ingredients. Our handmade Pasta is especially made for those who want to serve every day a masterpiece of the Mediterranean Diet.


> Extra virgin olive oil, 250ml (8.45 fl. oz).

Energizing food rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat acids, B-carotene, phytosterols and polyphenols, which give it a delicate but persistent taste with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Obtained through a scrupulous production process that preserves its unique features and ensures the acidity does not exceed 0,3%. After picking, olives are stored and preserved in appropriate ventilated containers away from heat sources. Pressing takes place within 24 – 48 hours using the antique method of cold crushing and light pressing, carried out through mechanical processes only without using any chemical processes or substances.

> Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, 250ml (8.45 fl. oz). Ingredients: cooked grape must, wine vinegar.

The great success of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena derives from its unrivalled quality as well as from its versatility and adaptability to different kinds of cooking and to the most varied ingredients. It is a condiment widely used in our gastronomic scene since it gives dishes a sharper, pleasant and persistent taste. You can dress various courses, both sweet and salty, with our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP and the result will always be tasty and of the highest quality. Its authenticity and high organoleptic characteristics witness that it is a 100 % natural product, free from colorings, thickening agents, additives or caramel.

> Semidry Rosemary, 30g (1.06oz). Ingredients: rosemary 87%, salt, vinegar, lactic acid, citric acid.

Thanks to the special drying technique and the addition of a drop of extra-virgin olive oil, the aroma and taste of the rosemary remains unaltered, as if it were fresh. Undisputed protagonist of many typical courses, Rosemary is a symbol of Mediterranean tastes and fragrances and an essential ingredient of traditional Italian cuisine. Our strict production standards keep unaltered its unique aroma and preserve the organoleptic properties and nutrients such as flavonoids and tannins, which provide important anti-inflammatory and antibiotic benefits.



Medeaterranean tomatoes are the very essence of quality and flavour. Through them, we have become accustomed to the real, genuine flavours of the past, and have learnt that simple food is also the best. Authenticity and flavour will always be the pillars of Medeaterranean philosophy and also the hallmarks of Italian food throughout the world. Therefore, we will always do our bit to get a genuine taste of Italy to the tables of those who love to eat well.

> Red Datterini Tomatoes, 400g (14.11oz). Small red Datterini tomatoes grown in Italy, tomato juice, acidity regulator: citric acid.

The Red Datterino Tomato is an irreplaceable symbol of the Italian culinary tradition. Characteristic for their sweetness and rich taste, Red Datterini tomatoes are perfect to prepare sauces in few minutes, excellent for a simple pasta sauce as well as to garnish vegetables, fish, meatballs and fresh cheese.

> Yellow Datterini Tomatoes, 400g (14.11oz). Small yellow Datterini tomatoes grown in Italy, tomato juice, acidity regulator: citric acid.

The Yellow Datterino Tomato is an authentic Italian delicacy. Its juice is a great ingredient for the preparation of vegetable-based sauces and veloutés, exceptional when paired with yellow vegetables as carrots, pumpkin and yellow peppers, enhancing their color and sweetness. Its rich and intense taste makes it a perfect dressing for rice and pasta as well.



> Carnaroli rice, 500g (17.64oz).

Superfine Carnaroli is one of the best sorts of rice among the Italian rice varieties. The firm, short grains allow Carnaroli Rice to absorb huge amounts of liquid without overcooking, creating the luxurious, creamy texture that is the hallmark of a superior risotto. Carnaroli is the absolute protagonist of many traditional Italian recipes and one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet. Moreover, this quality of Rice has remarkable health properties: it is rich in potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, low in sodium, easily digestible and gluten-free.

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